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 Accounting Defination
 Accounting Grossry
 Basic of Accounting
Accounting Standards)
Financial Reporting Standards)
Income Tax Ord.2001 Company Ord 1984

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  Income Tax Rules 2002 amended upto Sep- 2008
  Income Tax Ord. 2001 amended upto July- 2008
  The customs Act 1969 amended upto Jun- 2008
  Budgent 2008
  Income Tax & Sale Tax Forms
Slab Rate after amended 2008
  Project Managements (PMA)

 Course Outline

Accounting Concepts
Double Entry System
Journal, Ledger, Subsidiary book, Trial balance
Special Journal
Petty Cash Book
Cash Book
Bank Reconciliation Statement

B.Com / ICMAP / CA / ACCA / MBA (F&A)

1. Accounting concepts
2. Role of Accountant
3. Measurement of Income
4. Double entry system
5. Preparation of Trial balance
6. Bank Reconciliation Statement
7. Depreciation Accounting
8. Negotiable Instruments (Bills of Exchange)
9. Joint venture
10. Consignment
11. Average Due Date
12. Account Current
13. Self Balancing & Sectional Balancing System
14. Preparation of Final accounts of Individual
15. Final accounts of non trading organization
16. Admission of a partner
17. Retirement of a Partner
18. Dissolution of Partnership
19. Inventory Valuation

Advance Accounting

1. Departmental Accounts
2. Branch Accounts
3. Royalty
4. Hire Purchases and Installments Payment
5. Investments Accounts
6. Packages or Empties Accounts
7. Goods on Sale or Return
8. Voyage Account
9. Contract Accounts
10. Insurance Claims



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